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Every back-to-school list should include checking in on mental health. At the heart of our work is this: We want to empower individuals, including young people, to better understand, value, and protect their mental health. We do this through promoting mental health education and by supporting and celebrating youth leaders who lift up their friends, peers, and communities by sharing their stories and advocating for change. Learn more in Back-to-School newsletter here.

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As May is Mental Health Month draws to a close, I'm grateful for the many ways that mental health concerns have moved from a "they" problem to a collective "we" dialogue. Better understanding our own needs for mental health and wellness, and sharing our experiences to build connection with others, brings us closer together - with positive health outcomes for all. Read more in our May 2023 newsletter here.

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History may help shape us, but it does not define us. We are free to learn from past mistakes, understand their present-day impact, and commit to doing better. I hope you will join us at MAMH - throughout the year - in celebrating not just the contributions of Black leaders and Americans, but also the potential of facing history to help us build a better, stronger future that is truly fair and equal. Read more in our special edition newsletter: Reflections on Black History Month here.

NIMH Outreach Partner

MAMH was the Massachusetts Outreach Partner for the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) from 2001-2019.

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