For decades, Massachusetts has led the nation in reform efforts to expand access to health care and address affordability issues. At the same time, people with behavioral health conditions and their families have experienced persistent disparities across the continuum of care – prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery supports. The time for change is now. MAMH with its partners is acting to advance a behavioral health system for the Commonwealth that is patient-centered, recovery-oriented, data-driven, and holistic in its approach to health and resiliency.

In addition to efforts to transform the behavioral health care system, MAMH is engaged in advocacy to reform the housing and criminal justice systems to better meet the needs of people with behavioral health conditions. Having a safe, affordable, and stable home is essential to successful treatment and recovery, along with services to help people live as independently as possible. Given the shortage of affordable housing options in Massachusetts, all too often a home is out of reach. Furthermore, it is well documented that people with behavioral health conditions are at high risk for negative outcomes at every stage of the criminal justice system. With our partners, MAMH advocates for widespread adoption of evidence-based diversion programs to keep people from entering jails and prisons as a result of their mental health conditions and re-entry programs to support recovery and prevent recidivism.